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Sole Traders, Small Businesses and Partnerships

Sole traders & Small businesses 

It can be confusing for both the sole trader and a creditor to understand the difference between the personal and business financial positions. As a sole trader it can be extremely stressful. Here at CRG we can give you extensive advice on any financial worries you may have and help you understand the implications on the business (sole trader), the owner and the creditors.

Our first consultation is free, so why not contact us and let us take the weight off your shoulders / WE can often arrange a meeting within twenty four hours of your contact, this is always free of charge. You may wish to telephone, email or you could start with filling in the online questionnaire.


Most partnerships are straight forward, with equal partners, other times different partners have varying equity shares.

It is extremely important that all partners are aware of how the failure of the business or ant interim measures will affect them personally In these instances, a combination of personal and business insolvency and financial recovery advice is available.

It can often be the case when financial difficulties arise, that partners, who in the past have agreed on decisions, often can have conflicting ideas on how to move forward. This is where CRG can take an impartial, experienced view and advise you accordingly. Our first consultation is free and we aim to arrange a meeting with you within twenty four hours. You can contact us by phone, email or you may wish to use our online questionnaire.