Depending on when you seeking advice and your personal circumstances you usually have a few options available to you that may assist you in a troubled time. 

There are two main formal insolvency procedures that are available to individuals with personal debt problems. It is important to be aware though that the law makes no distinction between people with consumer credit debts (credit cards, store cards and bank loans) and those whose debts arise from their trading as a sole trader or in a partnership.

when do you know if need help?

are you experiencing one or more of the following signs?

if so you probably need to take some advice...

Missing or late payments for credit

Using cash advances to support income

Not knowing how much you owe

unable to obtain further credit

hiding debt from loved ones

never able to clear or reduce overdraft

Unsure if you need to take advice?

it's ok


A legal process through which individuals who cannot repay debts to creditors may seek relief from some or all of their debts. Bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, initiated by the debtor or a creditor.

Individual voluntary arrangement

A formal debt solution to pay back some or all of your debts over a period of time. It allows you to make affordable payments to your debts, usually over five or six years. At the end of your IVA any unsecured debt left is written off.

It’s important to start by writing down all of your debts; small or large including names and addresses. This allows you to organise your list of debts and all relevant information in a way that is easy to follow, so you can easily find the information when you need it. This is something at any financial advisor will also ask you to bring

Dealing with personal debt can be one of the hardest situations to go through, especially if it’s subsequent to any company closure or due to a situation out of your control.

It is vital to get the right advice early to avoid any creditors making any legal steps towards your bankruptcy, or indeed a secured creditor taking receivership actions. 

Be rest assured that any conversation you have with us will be confidential and we will try and assist you where possible.