We offer a variety of services from general advice through to formal insolvency. We act on behalf of individuals, companies, directors, shareholders, creditors and banks to provide the the best solution for you. We aim to take off the pressure through professional and realistic advice so you can focus on moving forward through this cloudy period.

formal insolvency

There are many difficulties to face when coming to terms with personal or company debts; such as loans, credit card arrears, hire agreements, tax liabilities to name a few. 

We endeavour to find a recovery solution for you or your business, if at all possible, however at times, a formal insolvency process is the best route forward. 

Our licensed insolvency practitioners can act for you or your company, whether you’re looking at proposing a voluntary arrangement to your creditors or wishing to bring your debts to an immediate end through bankruptcy or liquidation. 

forensic accounting services

CRG Forensics provides a broad spectrum of forensic accounting and investigation services to solicitors, business and individuals to understand and quantify a disputed amount, encompassing attendance at conference, responses to questions, preparation of Joint Statements and attendance at trial. 

We receive instructions from solicitors ranging from sole practitioners to top ten firms. As well as taking instructions on behalf of one party, we also take instructions on a single joint expert basis as well as acting as a ‘shadow’ expert. 

Services include but are not limited to; commercial and shareholder disputes, business valuations, business interruption claims, various criminal investigations such as fraud and tax evasion as well as mediation.

business consultation

If you just require some advice for your business and are unsure on what route you should be taking, we will work with our partners to provide you with any options you may have available such as additional finance, legal guidance or accountancy. 


Do you have a charge on a property and they’ve stopped repaying their debts? Providing your charge document allows, we can act for you as LPA or Fixed Charge Receiver on the property, to take control and action that may be needed whether that be through collecting rent, securing the property or sale. 


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